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Spaced out Man!(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of a “Mind F*ck” moment here.

I sauntered into an art gallery and I thought this was a picture on the wall but you can actually walk inside and the very messy apartment is made up of photographs so basically it plays with your head.  FREAKY.

I’ve done this post really quickly because even though I have THOUSANDS of poses I’m finding that I’m just using a handful as a lot of my poses need to be updated to work better with a mesh bod and just better poses all round.  So I’m planning on having a lovely leisurely time in SL checking out all the pose shops.

The FREEBIE is this cute short and top outfit OK I did make a mistake and I forgot to change it to the more denim coloured texture which was my fav but there is a hud with a nice mix of texture options.  Comes as separates and also in all the standard mesh bod and mesh sizes.

While you’re at the Selvyn shop picking this Free to join gift up there is another one but if you look a bit more you will see a Teleport Hub gift as well.  I believe it’s on the wall with the doorway into the main body of the shop.  It’s a bright pink coat in a classic SL style.  You might remember from a couple of posts ago that the Teleport Hub Group is free to join for a limited time (but it was only 10-20Lds to join in the first place) and Telehub has joined up with Madpea and 3 lucky winners will win a gift of free entry into one of the Madpea hunts and I swear the Madpea hunts are the ONLY hunt I do pay to do as they really make you think hard to win those prizes but they are well worth it.