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Some where over the rainbow way up high…(Freebie).

Is me naked and bored.

Basically, I was on my platform working my way through all my old blogged items sorting them out which means I was NEKKID because before I bin anything I try it on to make sure I’m not parting with something I can use.  Anyhow, I came across a notice from La Galleria and I was bored of binning so I TPed over to  grab the Rainbow, and also the Pot of Gold” and then just had some fun.

I can walk on rainbows and well as water, but only in SL.

You get this and the Pot of Gold near to the LM.

PS Yes I was Nekkid when I TPed over but I did map check first so no innocent eyes were harmed by my Nekkid butt.

La Galleria