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Just this.(Oodles of Freebies).

Blimey, I’m pretty sure I’ve still not unpacked at least 2 folders previous gifts picked up from the Vintage Gacha fair’s but this time I’ve been harder and as I unpacked I binned, binned and ooo kept.

This small rug is as simple as it all nice and scrunchy.  The Diamond tealight holder might look a bit tacky against the old fashioned textured rug but the reason I’m going to be keeping it is because of the ambiance light it gives off it’s like a “face light” for your room, gives off a really strong and yet soft glow so I’m keeping it and tbh since it won’t fit into the style of my living room I’ll hide it under a table or chair etc so I get the glow but without the clashing decor style.

Then I gave in because of the Lag Hell but that was from all the other Greedy CB’s like me LOL.  So I basically only managed to do a third of this event.  I know that often there is a mix of good, bad and ugly but that’s half the fun. What I like or dislike is probably different from someone else so I might think something is “meh” and someone else might think “ooo”.  I did actually keep 2 other items, a set of wearable keys and a lovely pose with a watering can and of course I splashed out on a couple of the Gacha’s, events like this are great fun because once you’ve grabbed all the goodies you can spend a lovely time just unpacking and sorting through and finding the things which you can use.

PS I do know that there is a very pretty Belle Epoque gift dress there so it’s worth a visit just for that alone.

The Vintage Gacha Fair

1 thought on “Just this.(Oodles of Freebies).”

  1. Woww freebie heaven! Just too bad again a couple of booths have a gift out but they did not activate it or set it for sale. They can’t be clicked or bought for 0L$. I just don’t understand why that is almost always the case with events like this.
    Anyways, glad with the ones that did.


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