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Classy B*tch(Freebies).

Did you know there is more than one wall of Freebies in the Coco Design shop?  I’m not sure why but it does mean that maybe there is a whole load of stuff you’ve not even seen before.

Anyhow to me, this is NEW addition to the group gifts.  A classy black dress with a halter neck and ruffle at the hem.  My picture is not the best as it’s not showing the details up as well as I would have wished.  Apart from what I’ve said there is also a very nice textured wrap over look at the waist as well. 100% pure Coco.

There are 2 small issues, though, only the 3 mesh bod fits, but that’s an easily solved issue the other is the mesh ripping of the skirt when you walk. Small things but I for one can’t wait till they have resolved the mesh ripping when walking or that ugly fold you get.  Never mind one day that will happen and when something is as classy as this who cares.

When you land turn to your left and on the wall just inside to the left again is this and all the old Free to join GG’s from shoes, dresses, basics and all at some stage everyone in SL has owned as it’s that good.  To find the rest of the gifts they’re on the same wall but much further along near to the back of the shop.  This stuff is mainly shoes and accessories and this is old stock from when Coco’s changed over to 100% mesh.  I actually owned a few of those strappy shoes which I do believe come with a mesh foot and skin matching hud but there are men and women’s shoes which don’t need any mesh feet.  These I do believe are free for all because they’re set to buy for 0Lds.  I ran out of time to double check all of this and so I’m only going by my memory but one thing for sure grab em all and then spend a lovely afternoon unpacking, trying on, tucking some into your invent and binning what you don’t want.


Now check out Doris.

Obviously, a Mina but I’m not sure I’ve ever shown you Doris before, I could be and often am wrong lol and I have.  The reason I don’t think I’ve shown you it is because I thought I only had the black/gray shades of Doris and I just didn’t like it and Mina Nakamura never pressures me into how much I show, how often etc I’m just damned lucky to be able to get hair I adore…apart from the rare one which makes me go..nope but then when you relook at a hair, shoes whatever, and you change something about it, in this case the colour and the outfit I’ve teamed it up with and it’s gone from a “nope” to “where have you been all my life?”lol.  I’ve had Doris so long now I don’t know the details other than you will be able to find her in Mina’s main shop if you want to try it on.

PS Yes that IS a blingtastic JCNY tiara, I wonder how many of you remember the days of bling.

Coco Designs

Mina Main Shop