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Forgive me.(Freebie).

I popped over to Entice to stand in front of the LBs and hopefully as I work through all my notes/notices I could win those shoes I’ve wanted for ages only to find they’ve now been removed from the LBs, F**K!  (Yup I know the last thing I need is another pair of shoes but I’m an addict!).

Anyhow you have to walk through the shop to the back part, beyond the pond, to get to the LBs but in the entrance is where you find the Entice Group Gift, look to your right when you go in, and I spotted this.

A stunning gold strapless dress, although the title says “tan” to me it looks like a muted gold.  I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’ve already shown you this before but I’m too lazy to scroll past all the old posts or to check Flickr but I do know that this wasn’t already in my invent and this IS a keeper so it should have been there if I’ve already shown it but if I am wrong then “sorry not sorry” because this is gorgeous.  I’ve had fun with the sim setting and a bit of photo editing but the gold texture of the dress is 100% the fit is perfect, the top has been shaped so it suggests perky boobs.  Comes in all the mesh bod sizes and more as I see new names such as Eve and Tonic coming up more and more.

You do have to have a linden to spare because although it is a Free Group and a Free Gift you have to pay a single linden to get it, so click and pay NOT click and deliver, and once you’ve paid not only this dress but the Linden is sent back to you.