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No Change.(Freebie).

You can tell the hardened CB’s(Cheap Bitches) because when we go to grab a freebie and everyone else has TPed over we don’t bother fighting the lag we stand, cam and snag and TP out of there leaving everyone else fighting the lag LOL.

Wow love these.


I should have changed the angle a bit to show more of the lacing on the front.  Super cute and comes in all the mesh sizes.  Again because I am a hardened CB I also spotted another gift, it’s on a stand in the shop.  When I got home it’s a wearable weekend style bag with a really big Hud full of options from the colour of the body of the bag to the metal bits.

Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself and here is a “bum” shot.


I swear I’m not taking this outfit off until I find an equally as good one to replace it but since I’d mentioned the cheekiness of these shorts I thought I would sneak a piccie in so if you missed the details check out my last post.

Mosquito’s Way