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I popped back to Mosquito’s Way from my last post, to check the shop out properly as I think esp when they put out such a quality freebie it’s the least I can do BUT I as always got side tracked by the trees used as decor around her shop, which led me to the Thorenbuilt inworld shop but it’s the Marketplace shop which was more interesting so I will put the link for that but you will have to wait to see what I bought from there after this GG.

So just as I’m working on landscaping our sim a notice came through about a new Group Gift from the “Teleport Hub Group” and yes as always as soon as I spotted it I was off to grab.


ALL of this for a measly 10Ld joining fee!  This is a corner of our sim we leave blank just to show off things like this and I think you get a good idea of the sizing.  Fortunately, all of this comes in a rezzer, you might just be able to see it on the bridge.


Then I “saved” it and deleted the rezzer with the intention of seeing if it was a mod and YUP it is in fact once you click save and take away the rezzing box it leaves everything already unlinked for you which makes my life so much easier.  I didn’t take a picture but I’ve already deleted the things I don’t want, the tree’s, bridge etc and I’ve left all the plants and that lovely rock path so when I get back inworld I will pick it all up and pop it in a folder all on it’s own.  Each piece is only a single prim but I forgot to prim count for the whole build.

This Teleport Hub gift is to be found in the Zen Garden shop which I did a post about last week.  There is a Zen Garden Gift there which if I remember is a Free group.  The Teleport Hub gift and joiner is on the wall behind the desk and it’s easy to find.

So above is the 10Ld spend and this is my 499Ld spend but it is worth every Linden.


It’s sorta hard to point out but it’s those lighter/greyer coloured tree’s.  A forest of 26 trees and ONLY 1 PRIM! Yes, I heard all your jaws dropping.  I know that you can buy other forest, clumps of trees etc for similar low primmage but these so far for a prim are the best I have.


This is now the view from our landing house for visitors to our sim.  Obviously, I have to spend some time later “bedding” in these trees and softening them with shrubs at their bases but if you own a large plot of land which you can’t stand looking bare but don’t have the prims to landscape these “forest” are perfect and they’re even editable.  The ground they cover is pretty big but in some places I’ve made the build smaller to fit in some small areas, in fact,  I went a bit  rezz crazy and covered so much of our sim with these forests chances are Faith will return some and I will have second thoughts about the placements of some.

I’ll pop the link to our home sim if you want to see them inworld before you buy because although I think there is suposed to be a demo rezzer in the Thorennbuild inworld shop I couldn’t make it work.

Home Sweet Home(our sim)

Zen Creations

Thoren build