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Retail Theraphy, FREEBIES.

First the Freebies.


It’s the tree I’m looking at, a romantic cuddle tree with poses in the cushion and kissing pose balls, yuk! lol.  Comes on a little hill and some planting, NOT that red plant that’s on our sim but it looks like it’s with this tree.

The other freebie is this pond with a fountain and again comes with the planting n stuff.  I’m pretty sure the tree above isn’t mod but this pond sure as heck is sooooo




With simple editing skills, I removed the fountain bit.  If you look closely you might just see that I’ve also somehow removed the base of the pond but it has given me a good idea as you could use this as a secret entrance to a cave etc or in my case I’m swiping those plants to use in my garden.

Now for the NOT free but if you have a home or land in sl but you’re not into landscaping then this is the place for you to visit.


Pretty unique looking home and landscaping.


Lots if not all of these stand alone pre-builds come in rezzers so it makes it idiot proof or simply an excellent time-saving device for those who just don’t have the time to use landscaping.  You can also use prebuild rezzers to chop and change your scenery in SL as much as you do your clothes, so one week you can be a castaway and the next a hermit.

There is everything here not just these pre-builds but single flowering bushes, tree’s, forests, sim privacy screens which are the best I’ve seen etc and lots of prices and prims to suit every pocket.

Honestly, I couldn’t help it but take another shot.


I’m just pointing and clicking rather than setting up great shots but I think even in this simple pictures you can see the quality.  Not sure how much this build costs but for the house, land and water running around it’s only 178 prims so even if you have a small prim allowance you could have all of this and still have prims left over for furniture.  A build of this size looks as though it would fit perfectly under a skydome.

Landscaping by Felix


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