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Winner and LOSER!!!(Freebies n New Mina GG).



I popped over to an event because there I believe a couple of tasty GG’s but OHMAI the lag! So I stood where I was frozen and cammed around and spotted a display of yummy home decor items but drat they were Gacha prizes! However, when checking the cost at 50Lds a pop I though goooo onnnnn and I diiiid and OMG won not just a “Rare” but an “ULTRA RARE”.  Woo Hoo what a way to start the day…. ..then I managed to lose my ultra rare!  How I hear you asking?  This build came in a rezzer with a note giving the standard simple instructions but when I decided to derez it the derezzer wouldn’t take it back as it was a “non-copy” so fine I just clicked on the build to take it back into my invent and POOF it’s gone!  Not in my invent, not in my trash, not turned invisible just gone.  I don’t really understand why but I tell you this it does put you off buying from a shop when you’re not sure if the item you get will one day go “poof”.  I bet you’re all thinking that at least I have the “rare” but guess what?  I DON’T WANT IT! WHAAAA I wanted to win something else WHAAAA LOL.

LOL OK I’m not that bothered, I might do a cache clearing for when I next log in to see if I can find it and basically it’s been so long since I did one it’s long overdue and of course all old Gacha wins usually end up being put out for you lot to grab for free so my loss is your gain in the end.

So then I went over to Precious Designs and ooh lots of lovely freebies to cheer me up.  I only grabbed a few of the Precious Design GG’s but there is quite a mix of other groups with gifts set out and I also slapped a couple of the mini mania boards and as I was trying on my goodies I got a pair of shoes sent to me.


This actually turned out to be my fav, apart from the shoes.  As I said there is quite a lot of stuff out and I just didn’t have the patience to join and unjoin all the groups to grab em.  This little outfit comes in 2 pieces and only standard mesh fits but as you can see with the use of my SLink Hud it was easy to hide my bits, in fact, I think the top didn’t need the use of an alpha layer at all.

This leads me to another “Whaaaa” moment, I’m on a roll this morning.  I picked up a couple of pairs of really good shoes, well worth going for shoes but the one pair I wanted to show you because they were pretty unique in style didn’t look that good on my right hand(or left I can’t remember now).  Yup for some reason even after a relog they just kept on attaching to a hand instead of my feet.  As I’ve said maybe it’s time to do a Cache clearing or just accept that SL is borking me this morning.

One last thing which never lets me down is NEW MINA’S but in this case a new Mina GROUP Gift.


I don’t really go on much about the fact that there is a Mina Group not just because it’s a paid for one it’s simply because I keep on forgetting to mention it LOL.  Not that people need to have it pointed out to them that there is a Mina Group or that you have to pay to join but it’s time to mention it as this is the NEW GG and there is also a Punky one for the men, or woman because a lot of her hairs are perfectly unisex.  I will have to check the details of the Group ie price but I’m pretty sure last time I looked there was a 200Lds joining fee and for that, you get the 2 free hairs plus a discount on hair purchases in the shop(pleased remember to wear your group tag though).

UPDATE because I was right that it costs 200Lds to join the Mina VIP group and the discount is for 10% on purchases but what I missed out is that this Group Hair, Pippa comes with 15 dip dyed shade pack and most of those colours are the wearable sorts such as 2 shades of brown, blonde, dark roots light ends, light ends dark roots etc.  If you want to try the demo then Pippa is for sale on the wall to the right and you can try the demo on from there.

Precious Designs

Mina Mainshop

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  1. Ah, the trials of No Copy gacha! I’ve had that happen to me before, and I didn’t get it back. Neither could the designer explain what happened either, but she did give me a couple of free Commons, bless her. I wonder if it’s an SL Glitch?


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