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First, let me say the “Freebie” isn’t that adorable brolly, I’m just using it as a prop.  I hate thinking people are going to get excited when seeing something pretty special thinking it’s going to be a freebie only to find it’s not.


Anyhow we’re into the second day of DIYing in RL and the second day of bitter wind and rain so basically not much has been done, so I was “Pinteresting”, did you know that sometimes SL items actually get “pinned” so as soon as I saw this cutie I decided I had enough time to sneak in and grab it.

When I rezzed I was surprised to find myself at the CCB2 Event, I think it stands for “Collaborative Collection Builders” yeah I know I have that wrong but I don’t have time to go back inworld and check it out.  Even though I’ve got the title wrong I was going to be popping in soon in any case as this is an event I love even without gifties.  I always seem to find something really new and fresh and at a discounted price.  Some of my fav creators also show at this event and so it’s one which usually costs me a few lindens when I visit but I don’t mind.  And it was the same this time, I clicked and treated myself to a few things and then I started clicking on ALL of the gifts and there is loads out for us.  Most stands seem to have a gift set out.  Due to my limited SL time I only managed to pop the Free S@bbia dress on and take this picture, comes in 1 size and a 3 colour option hud, and unpack just a couple of the gift boxes and so far WINNERS! There is a stunning glass decor item which I’m going to be squeezing somewhere in my home or even just have it floating somewhere in the sim.  Anyhow lots of lovely temptation and lots of lovely stuff to buy.

Thank you Moz, the CCB stands for Creator’s Collection Box.


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