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Thin on details(Oodles of Freebies).

Indulge me because this picture is artier than I had intended and then I realised that I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you this dress before but it’s a purty piccie so here it is.


This dress maybe one I’ve blogged before but I know for a fact that Hilly Haalan has 2 new dresses as well as so many other old and new gifts I’ve not grabbed before.


I’m quite short on time so I’m lacking in the details of everything I grabbed but what I did get in shoes and clothes seem to come with ALL the mesh bod and standard fits and the shoes I got again came in all 3 main mesh feet and I’m sure that some, esp the new ones actually came in diff colours as well.


These shoes actually came in the “my rezz day” gift but I was bald and naked when I took this picture so you get to see the shoes only as I was running out of time.


Nope can’t even remember which gift box this was in, but I do remember you get a super handy pair of heels, leggings, jumper and not worn a matching scarf all in the same box.  I took the scarf off because although it was quite a unique design I couldn’t take a decent picture of the jumper with it on.  All these pieces go so well together and work just as well as separates.

xxxhillyuse5I swear it is a different pose and not just a mirror one to the one above but this is deffo one of the New Hilly Haalan gifts, I didn’t bother taking the leggings off from the previous outfit because I just thought it looked nice.


And this is the other NEW gift for us.  Sadly not separated, how good each piece would have been on its own.  I’m pretty sure it or at least the heels that come with it have a choice of colour.

LOTS of gifts set out in the landing area, some are in boxes so it’s not until you pack them do you know what they contain and I recognise some from old posts/visits but there is definitely NEW and I totally loved the Valentines shoes which I ran out of time to show you so why the rush?  My OH is off work for the next few days and OH BOY! Have I got cunning plans of what were going to be doing……new fence in the front garden, finish the paving down the side of the house, visit the garden center, trip to the DIY shop, sort out the utility room, put up the new light fixture…you get the point LOL.  By the time he’s done with the list of jobs I have for him he will be happy going back to his 9-5.  I will try my best to find brill stuff over the next few days though.

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