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Another rush jobbie!(Oodles of Freebies).

Sorry, yet again I’m probably the LAST to know of this event and it’s all over today!


Boo Hoo, having said that the fact it’s Valentine themed is probably one of the  reasons I had completely missed it but if I had known that almost all if not all stalls have gifties on them you know my cold dead unromantic heart would have been over like a shot.


So far all I’ve scored is this balloon but I had litterally just TPed in, grabbed the balloon did a quick cam around the stalls and then TPed home, pulled 2 poses, 2 snaps and 15 mins later VOILA.

Again it’s the last day and there is LOTS of stuff to grab so I just didn’t have a time to start grabbing.  This maybe a Valentine themed event but I know it well as the stalls are all selling old and maybe new bargains such as 30Ld Saturdays, etc TBH not too sure on the details but again from memory lots and lots of super bargains from clothes to decor items and not forgetting all the Freebies.

Meet me there in 1,2,3…

PS I know it’s the 16th but everything is still there and often you will find these things go on for a little bit longer as people need time to pack there stuff up.

The Broken Heart Fair

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  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up! It was fun clickin’ away! Anyways, I always wondered how event organizers succeed in having events no one ever heard of. I guess it’s just very bad PR policy from the organizers. It’s not that hard to get your event known in my opinion.


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