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How to be alone, no freebie, no discount just a lovely dose of reality.

Not a normal post because quite frankly in RL I’m DROWNING in stuff and it’s all my fault!  I have a “craft room” I’ve put it in inverted commas because basically, it’s our tiny box bedroom which is a combined craft room, dressing room, library and storage(dump) room.  Anyhow like a fool I decided to pull everything out to give it a much needed clear out and OMGG!  As stuff is coming out it’s expanding and now all that stuff is covering the whole of the landing and every bench/table space in my kitchen is covered in stuff and I have a big kitchen! So far I’m winning, 1 bag for the neighbour’s kid, 1 bag for freecycle and a bag for the bin and when I say “bag” I mean a big black bin bag.  So basically I can’t/shouldn’t SL today until I’ve managed to stuff all of what I’m keeping back into that room…FFS I’ve just realised my craft room is just like my SL inventory!

BUT since tomorrow is for some people a big day I want to repost this(I posted it last year and will probably repost it every year as long as I’m doing this).

OK, so not everyone has that special someone in their lives, sadly it’s not that they’re alone it’s because they do have someone in their lives who doesn’t treat them as they should be treated, or they just haven’t met Mr/Miss Right yet.  Some people are lucky to have found the love of their life BUT ultimately you need to LOVE yourself more than anyone else, you need to treat yourself the way you should be treated. Of course, I don’t mean act like a friggin Prince/Princess who poops only rainbows! just learn to accept that if you’re on your own make sure you look after yourself and if you’re with someone who doesn’t treat you right is that the way you really want to live?

I came across this poem/song by Andrea Dorfman and what she says applies not to people on their own but even married people need to have some time to themselves.  So all of this rambling on is just to let you know that being on your own isn’t actually that bad in fact for a lot of people it’s the best thing ever.

4 thoughts on “How to be alone, no freebie, no discount just a lovely dose of reality.”

  1. you KNEW that I would love that video ❤ We were only talking the other day about the quality of alone time – Im getting mine ion two weeks time !


  2. Agreed! And if your craftroom is anything like my workshop, Zan, the moment you throw something out, you’ll need it the next week when something goes wrong lol


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