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NOT Free! Just Lesson 101.

I have given up on trying to find the car I was looking for and was as always I ended up house hunting for my new spring and maybe summer house and I ended up over at AF(Apple Fall) drooling over a stunning but primtastic mansion. I was torn between it and the small Gatekeeper House which turned out to be a DAMNED Gacha, 200Lds and 4 items later I’d still not won it and then the whole sim went into restart mode which saved me throwing good money after bad.  So I logged off and then figuratively SMH(smacked my head) because I remembered that on SLMarketplace you can actually BUY Gacha prizes! So I logged into SLMarketplace and Voila I now have my new home.


The Gacha wins are listed under the “miscellaneous” section of the Marketplace and people can set their own prices and this particular build was selling from 325Lds, thats what I paid for it, and upwards to the 900Lds prices.  So as you can see if you shop around you can score yourself a real good bargain and even better not have to trawl through Yardsale after Yardsale.

I will be honest and say this is the first time I’ve purchased a Gacha win this way and so I did have my fingers crossed that the box when I opened it wasn’t going to be an empty one and I was ripped off but the seller I used wasn’t just selling this at the cheapest price they have a massive amount of Gacha items so this is their business and on the whole business people don’t want to screw customers because that damages their reputation.

Can’t wait for our sim to be defrosted now, I’m going to have my little house surrounded by a lush garden in the summer and now I’ve freed up the prims from my big house I can go Bat Sh*t Crazy.

PS Don’t be afraid of the Marketplace if you’ve never used it before as it’s the official SL shopping site.  Log in with your sl name and password and make an account and anything you buy is sent to you inworld PLUS the Marketplace is stuffed with so many freebies good and bad.