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Copy Me.(Freebie & Freebies).

Quick post because I’m trying to hunt down yet another car I’ve seen but damn it I’ve lost the details of where to find it and then I got distracted by this super Freebie from Fiorella.


Like a few things, the first one you put on is all white but you get a colour hud which changes it into 3 shades of pink/red and you can change the top half and the bottom half BUT you cannot go back to white and I also like the white and I want to keep a white copy of this.  As it happens you get all the mesh bod sizes and non mesh.  What I do with “keepers” is I bin all the sizes that don’t fit me which in this case when I binned all the sizes I won’t use I was left with the S and SLink sizes and I’ve just used the hud on the SLink one leaving the standard S fit still white.  You know what I mean LOL.  Chances are you can simply make a copy of the SLink version if you want and leave the copy white. I have used a bit of photo editing just for fum but trust me the colours look good in any setting.

Nope you can’t make me do it BUT if you’ve got time to kill and a hankering to STUFF your invent then the Feb round of the Gacha Garden Event is now on and at this very moment I have a page open which is showing you the gifts there and amongst the usual wearables, decor items etc is what looks to me like little piggie ornaments.  TBH not sure if I’m going to go over to this event, still have the folder’s full of stuff from this and other similar events, but I would hate for you to miss it.

I’m off to hunt down that damned car now.


The Gacha Garden