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Best intentions.

Damn, Drat, Sh*te…insert any swear word you want here.

So I had some spare RL time and so as I slurped my coffee I checked the MP(Marketplace) and bought 10 Dollarbies from a mix of shops. some maybes as well as something that looked like a real winner.  Then I came inworld and tried them on and binned them and then I tried on what looked like the “winner” and Dayum it was and the icing on the cake was the colour hud it came with.  Snapped off  2 great piccies, did a lovely witty write-up(shaddup it WAS witty) aand then went back to the MP to get the link  and my Dollarbie had rocketed back up to full price! WHAAA!

The moral of this story is we try our best to make sure our posts are accurate but sometimes “sods law” rules and something happens and it can all change.  The fact that in my MP account it shows that I did pay a single Linden means I didn’t make a mistake and the seller in the hour I bought it, did the pictures, post etc must have decided that this offer was now up.  I’ve known in the past sometimes I do a post only for a notice to come out that there is now a new gift and it’s meant that my post is now sending people off to grab a gift which is no longer there lol.

Nooo don’t think anyone said anything, I think most people who follow this blog and others will know that this is just something that happens.

So I’m logging off now and going to get some lunch and then I’m hunting down a giftie or two for this afternoon.

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