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Old MacDonald had a 510 plot of SL land.(freebie).

It’s my OH’s day off so it’s my SL day off except I’m an addict so here is a piece of randomness.


As always found this though a notice from one of my free group and as you can see from the pose balls this tractor and scenery is actually a pose prop. The shop it comes from is actually new to me which isn’t surprising as I really now try to avoid pose/prop shops as I may just use a handful of favourites but I swear in my invent I have thousands of poses, props etc! I’m hyperventilating just thinking about them all.  So I grabbed and ran.

Sorry can’t remember the total prim count but it was only something like 22 for the whole lot, grass, sheep etc and I know what you’re thinking “I’m not a blogger so what use is this to me?”  As always I clicked and checked and totally editable and so check out this stripped down version.


I got rid of all the extras, which even for those with basic editing skills was so simple and if you don’t know how to unlink etc then this is a good item to practice on.  Taken in my sims setting so you can see it in all it’s glory, exc texturing and a fantastic prop for any land you may have or even to use as a prop.

LM grabbing and I spotted that the second Group gift is a piano with the same sort of pose balls.  To find both GG’s turn to your right when you go in.

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