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Save to SPEND! New Mina.

I’m having a surreal SL moment here. I won’t confess as to how long I’ve actually had this Mermaid house in my invent just waiting for the opportunity to use it but with this New Mina hair, I finally had an excuse.


If you’re wondering the tail isn’t a Freebie either it’s an old Gacha win but the Gacha is still in the shop if you’re interested in it.  I’ll pop the link to that later when I get back inworld.


Yup, that’s me dressed as a Mermaid fishing in a pond, you can just about make out the fishing rod if you squint, in the snow it can only happen in SL because in RL it would make your jaw drop in shock.

xxxmermaiduse4This is the New Mina and she’s called Ava-Lin and you can only get it from the newest round of FaMESHed.


Front n back pictures taken in my sim setting or nams I can’t remember now but a pretty natural setting. I think this is the longest hair Mina Nakamura has created, certainly in this very natural style that it.  I do have hair longer than this, I do actually buy hair n stuff, but I’m wracking my brains and from what I can remember none of the super long hairs I do have are as natural looking as this.

If you remember Mina Nakamura has recently increased her prices, I believe just on her new stuff with the much bigger colour menu, 10 instead of the old 5 colours and they are different shades ie in the brown pack you get everything from dark blond to the darkest brown and all the shades in between, just to 300Lds which isn’t much more and for all the work that goes into her creations it’s nice to be cheap but it’s also nice to actually support SL creators.  I have a feeling though that this is only for the New hair and not the old stuff but of course, you can check for yourself because in Mina’s main shop is the Demo for Ava-lin so you can try this hair and all the others out before you make your final decision.

PS I don’t really mention it often enough but in Mina’s main shop she keeps the Gacha’s from previous Gacha Events and unlike many other hair creators when you win a “hair” you don’t just win a single colour you win the whole colour pack.  The hairs in these Gacha’s are fantastic, they maybe bargain priced but the time and attention to detail that has been put into these creations are in some cases more than the standard shop hairs, check out the hat hairs and you will see what I mean.  The fact that none of the Gacha’s cost between 80-100Lds and you still get the standard, old, colour menu hud means that everyone even if you’re on a limited budget can have Mina hairs.

Mina Mainshop