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I slipped into my jeans feeling so pleased that I finally seemed to have shifted some of my Christmas weight off and they felt nice and loose, then I spotted I’d forgotten to do up the last button..DAMN!

I was planning on house hunting but as always got side tracked and then had some “selfie” fun.


I have, to be honest and say I’d spotted this dress in some of my Flickr groups but I was pretty sure that Kaithleens was a paid for group so I ignored it.


I only went over to the shop to try some demo’s on of some seriously sexy unzipped dresses, wasn’t planning on buying them I was just going to wear them admire my sexy self and then bin em.


But since I was there and the Group Gift was right there as well I did a quick check and I was wrong, Kaithleens is a Free Group and so I snagged it.


A “Red Hot Mamma” look, comes in all the mesh and mesh bod fits.  I’m subbed to Kathleens and so get regular updates so I don’t need to remain in the group but next time I see a notice about a Freebie I know to haul ass and go get it.  But remember to check the shop out the sezy unzipped little number I was trying on is on the wall near to the GG and the entrance and you might just get tempted to buy it.

Kaithleens(or is it just Kaithleen?)