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Retro Babe(Freebie’s)

Any excuse to go to my fav beachy sims and this black and white retro bather/jumpsuit was a perfect excuse.


Just a “vanity shot” but even from this distance you can see how much I stand out.


I used photo editing in this shot just for fun, but it’s turned the white into a creamy colour when it’s really black and white.  A fantastic little sexy number, get it now and tuck it away for the coming Summer months unless of course, you live your SL life in year round summer.  TBH I simply grabbed and ran from the KOM shop so I can’t tell you much more but it’s FREE for ALL so just buy for zero.

Then I quickly TPed back to my studio.  Last night well past my beddy byes, I came inworld and binned so much it hurt but it was also good to be able to work out the keepers, binners, donators etc and although sometimes I have to bin excellent items I have to work out if they’re ever really going to be used again and if not no matter how good they are they have to go.

So basically I came across a folder of items from Revival which I have blogged before and like a hoarder before I make the final decision I have to look at everything and what I hadn’t appreciated before was not only how lovely this simple round cushion is but what damned good poses it has in it.


His, her & couple poses with gentle slow and sexy moves, perfect not just for your home but also pretty good for taking pictures.  Sometimes poses in furniture maybe good but it’s not “photogenic” good which is why when using a prop we often have to use our own poses but again this one came with some really good ones.  I’m going to log in to grab the Revival LM and check that all the excellent Group Gifts are still out and to make sure this one is also set out so if you missed that old post or you forgot to go get em this is a second chance.

Yesss it’s all there.  Simply join the Free Revival group and start grabbing yourself some quality home decor items.



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Unpacking Monday.(Freebies).

Another BIG Gacha event is on and it’s called “The Guardians Gacha” and like a Noob I tried to walk through this to get there….


Be honest! how many of you think this is a portal?  Well, it’s not so turn around and walk this way instead.


Over the bridge to your left and right are 2 big areas of Gacha delight and yes yet again I spent Lindens, lots of Lindens! BUT never fear because there is also oodles of Freebie out for us.  Not every Gacha has a gift but enough to make my Cheap B* heart sing.


Once I’d grabbed everything I plonked myself in my studio and unpacked, so much from not just this event but all the clothes I’d picked up from the MH shop from my previous post.   I couldn’t find any clothes from this Guardian Gacha event so I decided to throw on one of the dresses from the MH shop.  Most of the clothes from the MH shop are mesh, some are appliers only, most come in all the mesh bod sizes and some come with everything inc colour packs!  Pretty darn generous and when I’ve done some trashing I’m going back to check the whole shop out.

I’ve scored so many things over the past few days my invent has swollen so much it’s threatening to burst like a pimple on a teenager!  Again the gifts at this event are many and varied and were so much fun to unpack I’m going to need a whole afternoon just to sort everything out, keepers, donators, binners etc but the shoes, hair, some of the hair accessories and those gorgeous and low primmed star deccies behind me are keepers.


Special mention for this hair, there are other hairs gifts at this event, as well as some really nice hair accessories, but you all know I’m spoilt for hair but this one “sang” to me.  It’s a combination of mesh and prims and I love it.  Comes with an extensive Hud and also a colour slider which means you can have any shade you want.  I checked the maker and it’s from Analog Hair and I knew it would be as I recognise their style and yes that’s another shop on my “must visit” list!

The Guardians Gacha Event

MH Unique Design(for the dress and many other gifts)

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Damn n drat I swear I’m going to turn off my notices/notes so I can finally settle down on my platform and bin stuff.  I’ve not even had the chance to sort my skewed house out but I am weak in the face of temptation.  So I TPed over to another Gacha event with a massive amount of freebies but thats for the next post because this dress is only FREE for the next 24 hours.


I had to fight my way through all the lag caused by all the Cheap B*s grabbing not just this but a whole wall of Group Gifts, yes of course I grabbed them all as well but because this one outfit has a time limit on it as soon as I got home I threw it on and I’ll save the rest for later so again lots of lovely surprises for you.

PS Colour Hud inc and all the mesh bod sizes plus I heard the noise of Lucky Chairs/Board

MH Unique Design

PPS I’m just grabbing the LM from the notecard that comes with it to save time and this is on the card and I personally think it’s worth copy n pasting it here.

Who are you?
You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are kind.
You are Unique.
You deserve to receive love and affection.
You are never to much but you are always enough.
You are precious.
You are a diamond , a rose ,a pearl, the most amazing of God’s creations.
You deserve more then you can ever imagined.
More valuable then all the hair style products that you are using .more then the shoes you are wearing,more then all your clothes.
Your value is higher then all the earthly,because in God’s eyes you are loved and Unique.
Doesn’t matter who you think you are , a model in a magazine,if people want to copy you or try the change you,if you are a cheerleader or you didn’t finished your school,if you are Miss Popularity or if you you never had someone who you call friend,if you love yourself and your life or if you can’t stand yourself in the mirror and feel that everything in your life went down,if you are a winner or if you consider yourself the biggest failure ,no matter who you think you are the truth is that you deserve someone who will die for you.Because you are strong,full of strength and capable.
Read about the Woman in the Bible…Ester,Ruth,Martha.Those women changed the world for ever.
And in everyone and each of you there is a woman with the same strength,same power and same capacity to change the world.
This is you!!
And if any whisper in your mind trying to tell you something else,tell them :No.No.No.
I am the one and only in God’s eyes,cherished,loved and adored for all by the Creator of all kinds.I am the most wonderful.
And please do not ever forget !!!
You are beautiful and UNIQUE.
marrylinhope( MH Unique Design)

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Sweet Revolution(Freebie).

Oooo a nice and simple super Sunday giftie.  The first notice I opened was from “SR” (Sweet Revolutions) and once I saw it  it took me all of 4 mins to TP, group join, snag, tp, slap it out, take 3 pictures and Voila!

xxxsnowuse2 frosty tree’s with stringed lights hanging down.  As you can see they make a great simple way to create an entrance to your home, garden etc


I took both piccies in our sim setting and I’ve not had a chance to play around with the settings to see how these lights change but I can only imagine they just get better.

10Li’s for the pair BUT they’re unlinked which means each tree is only 5Ls,(did you see what I did there?)  So if you don’t have space or Li’s for both then one has enough visual impact on its own.  I didn’t notice if it was mod, too busy rushing to get this posted, but I did notice they’re non copy.

Sweet Revolutions is one of those shops that may lean towards, RP, Gor, Medieval etc you will be a FOOL not to slap the sub/group boards because this shop has so many bargains, discounts, group gifts etc and both Faith and I have quite a lot of stuff from this shop and use it for sim decor.

Sweet Revolutions

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Click Bait(Freebies).

I’ve just eaten the last slice of cake which was supposed to be my OH’s but it didn’t have his name on it and just because he called Dibs on it doesn’t mean it was his plus I’m PMTing so if he’s got any sense not only will he not bring up the subject of the last slice he will also come home with an armful of chocolate and won’t bitch when I put that crappy horror movie on.  If it’s any consolation I not only do feel a bit guilty, I had to text him to confess I was a pig, but I actually also now feel rather queasy.

Anyhow whilst he’s out I was finally able to get inworld and start unpacking and unpacking and unpacking even more.  I’d popped over to the Vintage Cacha event and didn’t realise that yet again almost every stall has a gift set out on it for us!  So naturally, I clicked away and have ended up with a completely stuffed folder.

xxxvintageuserapI’ve given up unpacking anymore! Not everything in this picture is a freebie but there is a whole selection of stuff.


Lots of the standard horns, jewelry etc NOT that there is anything wrong with that at all, in fact, check out the adorable headdress I am wearing, but I just don’t have the time needed to throw a whole look together inc accessories but of course lots of people do.

There is also quite a few decor items, plates of food, the backdrop behind me, the floating candles and a keeper for me in the small rug I’m standing on.  Honestly, way too much stuff to tell you about and I think you will have much more fun unpacking all this stuff for yourself in any case.

But don’t just go for the Freebies because although I’m not showing you them I did have a few goes on the Gacha’s and not only won myself some goodies but also a Junbug RARE for only 30Lds, the Gacha’s are various prices and when they’re only 30Lds a pop it sometimes is worth trying and when you win what you were hoping for it has a feel good factor.  I also picked up a couple of dress demos and OMG one of them is based on a bordello floozy look with sexy nip slip and when I go back to LM grab I’m going to check out the cost of that Gacha because I want it.

PS I didn’t get the dress I wanted because it was 75Lds a try and although that’s a great price for someone who has way too much I already I will hold off but of course I’ve TPed over to the shop it came from and you never know there might be a freebie for this Cheap B*.

The 11th Vintage Gacha Fair

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Saturday Freeness


Got a heads up that Free Dove has a few hunts happening at the moment – three in total I think – which is crazzzzzylegs as everything is free there always! I love Free Dove, it’s a brilliant place to mooch for new or older residents – great selection of pieces from so many designers! The outfit above is from Emerald Couture, brill slinky leggings and sweater combo. I found this in one of the hunt boxes that are liberally scattered around (part of the Ydea hunt I think), go and take a peek – you wont come away empty-handed ! (Boots are $25L from Duh)

Free Dove


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Double up (Free boots)


Morrrrrre newness from Neve – they are on a ROLL! This is the gorgeous little bundle of loveliness called “Duo” – lots of packs to choose from – from stripes to plaid and in-between. Don’t forget there are four colourways per box, plus you can fool around with the undershirt tones to your little heart is content. This will fit the following: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M, Maitreya Lara Fitted, Belleza Isis & Freya, Perky Fitted, Physique& Hourglass Fitted. Demo available instore and on the market place. I teamed the top up with my fav deedee leggings (also by Neve) and a FREE pair of boots from Duh. They are whats known as “a wearable demo” in this sweet cream colour, other colours available too. Be quick if you wanna grab the Wasabi Pills hair for $50L, its the Fifty Linden Friday item! (Great range of colours, with root options yippeee)

Neve Blog all info & packs

Neve store

Neve market place

Wasabi Pills store

Duh! Store