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Get comfy for FREE


Sorry Ive not been around lately lovelies, had some famile issues to deal with (oh my naughty parents!) Light at the end of the tunnel hopefully – fingers crossed! Thanks to Zan who has kept the wagons rolling superbly ❤

You will have to dashhhhh to get this group gift from Dench Designs – it’s for January! The group is free to join and you just need to touch the board by the entrance to get yer mitts on it. So so so its a chair – 5 Li and rather pretty. Thats not all though – sit on it and you get a brill menu with allllll sorts of things to do! I’m noshing a bowl of warming soup above, but you can cuddle a kitty, chat on the phone etc also.


Some of the poses rez a big snuggly blanket over you , this has ooodles of colours & patterns to choose from if you click on it – brilliant huh? My calico cat is from OW, and is just 2Li and $9L, it comes in its own basket and a little dish of cream too ❤


Now “drum roll please” – I actually bought a structure/House *faints* , it’s not often I do lately but this really hooked me in when I saw it on the Mp. 3DL also have a store so you can go and see it in the flesh – or pop over to our Sim “Dreamworks” where I have left it up – feel free to wander inside and take a look. Anyhoo this is the “Rustic Dockhouse” its only 32Li and its a really lovely large space, for whatever you want to be doing on or around some water. Plenty of room to dock your boat at the front, inside it’s really big enough to make a comfy pad to live / play in.  It also has some texture change available, roof,floor & walls, plus some furnishings already in situ. The cost is only $249 , here’s the deets:


– Only 32 Land Impact

– High detail mesh construction with material maps throughout

– Scripted customization! 5 Different roof colors, and 5 different walls/floor colors!

– Decorated front porch, including a bench/daybed with 10 animations.

– Working stove/fireplace with realistic fire animations and sound.

– Clickable, working rear windows

– Additional kitchen included with a working overhead light

– 16 x 8.5 x 10 Floor size ensures this dock house will fit on almost any parcel

Dench Designs

OW calico cat

3DL Rustic dockhouse

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Thank Goodness for these super, simple, free & keepers from G&D The Italian Style shop.


These shoes do come with a small hud but that just changes the sole and the metal on the decoration the main shoe remains the same salmon colour. You also get the 4 main mesh feet fits ie SLinik, Maitreya etc.

TBH I didn’t have a good look around the shop which is something I like to try but I’m already hunting down what I hope is a lovely dress plus I want to check out the Silvery K gifts I picked up from yesterday.  So check the shop out for yourself as from what little I did see it certainly does have style.

G&D, The Italian Style

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It’s the top only, see I actually do buy stuff in SL lol.

xxxcowuse I actually started to put together a Hippy Chick look with this top then changed it to a beachy look and then finally settled on a cowgirl look, pretty versatile. This top came from “Bellydance Goddess” a shop which is geared towards the silks and bejeweled costumes worn by dancers, obviously, there is more than just one style but you will be able to see for yourself when you get there.  This isn’t actually the Belly Dancer Group Gift it’s an SL Free’s and Offers gift which is on the wall around the corner with a couple of other gifts.  Comes in all the mesh bod sizes plus alpha.

Sooo glad I come back inworld to LM check as there is 2 Bellydance shops the first one has more GG’s and the second LM has this top as well as other GG’s.  If the LM’s don’t take you directly to them just have a wander around, not big shops with a well-known layout so easy to find.

I’ve also put the SilveryK LM because that’s where these shorts came from, and they also came with a price tag but as I always say ” save Lindens on somethings to spend on other things”.  Not sure if these shorts are still in the shop but they must be as they’re so good but I did spot some freebies and I’m now going to have a wander around as it’s a pretty interesting shop and be still my beating heart but I may actually end up spending MORE Lindens here.

Bellydance Goddess(for the top)

Bellydance Goddess

SilveryK(for the pants if you want to check them out).

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Sorry NOT Sorry. (Dollarbie).

As I’m slowly and painfully going through my invent bining stuff I keep on coming across items which I don’t know if I’ve shown you before but are just too damned good to not do a post.  So basically over the next couple of weeks, I might end up showing you something you’ve seen before but then again anyone new to this blog or someone who forgot to grab it the first time may just appreciate a repost.

Having said all that I don’t think I’ve shown you this plant before.


Wow, this is really a wonderful Dollarbie.  A single prim, stunning textures, colours, and COPY! You have to get this from the Marketplace as I’m not sure where or if there are freebies/gifts in the inworld shop because it’s more a case of sets of furniture and builds set out on a sim.  However, I spotted a really stunning sunroom/garden room which is fully decorated, everything with the sofa to china in the cabinets and in the sim setting it’s ethereal and so gorgeous!  It made my old, cold, cheap heart miss a beat and also check my linden account LOL.  Sadly to buy the whole lot as a package cost 1000Lds BUT you can buy the pieces individually if you wanted, however, I bet 9 out of 10 of you would think that the price tag for such a stunning room is a bargain.

Sod it I’m going back in just to take a picture so you can see what I’m babbling on about.  Fortunately, the inworld LM took me straight there, this is just a teaser as this sunroom/garden room etc also has chairs, sofa, seating area.  As a hint of the prices the pink coffee pot costs 29Ld and the plate of banana is only 59Lds so you may not want the whole lot but there is certainly some bargain priced cuties for you home.


PS If Pink isn’t your colour then the build comes with a small selection of colours in a menu and I’m going to assume it also changes the china, rugs etc but check it out for yourself.



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I’ve been popping in and out of a sim for over a week now and I still can’t get the sort of shots which show it off to the best! and add to that the Freebie I mentioned in my last post was just so so, I for one always say “Thank you” for any freebie/gift but sometimes you check it out and it’s just like “whaaaat!” Then sometimes you keep a gift in your invent as a reminder to go back to a shop and check it out and you will have heard of S@bbia before because I’ve had quite a few of their GG’s but here is 2 new ones.


This dress is on the wall to the right as you walk in with other GG’s and it’s new to me but these are all the old GG’s so you might already have this but these shoes are definitely new, cos they’re on the board ahead of you and that’s where the New GG’s are kept.


Both these boots and the dress come in one size only, the boots don’t seem to be resizable but I only did a brief check. Although they’re on the slightly big size and if there is a way I could make them a tad smaller then I will but if I can’t I’m still keeping them.  I’m not sure if I have but if I have a pair of socks to go with them as well they’re pretty darn good.

I also noticed as I was stood there that the 2 Lucky Boards had new to me gifts in them so as always if you have time to kill this is a good place to hang out at.  Plus behind the desk is a small selection of decor items at cheap prices inc a shop till which would make an interesting decor item in your home plus in the shop is a dressing table and chair set which tbh have been there as long as S@bbia has been open but these 2 items are not only low-priced, 1Ld each, but low primmed.

UPDATE I decided to have a proper look around S@bbia as I’ve not been here for a while plus I could loiter in the hopes that my initial comes up on the LB(it did and I won another pair of boots). I found a few things of interest the first is that everything seems to be priced at 100Lds and less and there is lots of stuff here well worth that esp the shoe dept, downstairs is also an outlet section, the boots are editable and last but not least a sock/applier that I almost bought, and possibly still might.  A 100Lds for a simple wearable sock set which not only fit under the boots but will also fit on flat/med and no mesh feet and under shoes you may already have but can you spot what is missing?  HIGH! It was only when I was trying the demo on did I notice that for some reason high feet are not inc which is a big shame but again I’m seriously tempted.  Try the demo out for yourself if you want to make sure the socks will fit under shoes you already have but may look better with a sock layer.


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Say Goodbyeeee.(Freebie).

Just a quickie because I’ve already got my beady eye on a freebie which I hope is as good as I think it is.  Anyhow, I managed to bin some more and came across this gray skin from Lure and since I’m not 100% sure if I did a post about it and it’s still out as a Free Group Gift her it is.

I will admit that I will be binning it but that’s only because I have the amazing  Elven skins from PumeC but they come with a price tag and this one doesn’t and it’s pretty darn good.


Remember of course all skins will look different on different AV’s and under certain lights but this is a really lovely pretty one and even better comes with many Appliers for not just bods but mesh heads as well.


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One bargain too many!(Freebies, gifts, dollarbies, 10Lds etc’s)

Yup that’s little ole me just under the pushpin, I must be the LAST person to turn up to The Hashtag event and I would have come sooner if I had realised that almost all of the shops seem to have gifts set out for us.  These gifts seem to range from 0-10Lds but I’ve literally just got from the landing spot to when you can see me, check out the push pin lol, and so far I already have about 6 items so as you can see from the size of this event I’m going to be stuffing my invent again.


The rezzing place is the area just in front of the ad board and there is already 2 free to join Hashtag group gifts waiting there for us, male and female. When I spotted the dateline I decided to zoom back to see how big this event is and it’s way too big to be able to grab everything, TP home, unpack etc so this is a rush jobbie.

Having said that I have noticed that sometimes when an event is officially over it’s actually still open for business because of course, it takes time to pack an event up so if you can’t get in sooner rather than later then still check it out later.



Byeee for now.