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3 out of 5Lds. (Freebie n Cheapie).

Nope, my Mojo has gone and so far out of the dozens of piccies I took off the 3 outfits I had to show you, in the end, I could only find one that I was reasonably happy with and so VOILA…1 photo of 1 outfit.


I won’t tell you about the other 2 outfits other than one is very High Fashion Italian inspired and the other is very Southern Belle you, however, may think differently, though.  To get these gifts you have to join 2 other free groups in the Giulia Design shop but splash out 5Lds to join the actual Giulia Design Group for that token amount this classic SL designs is yours.  I know that a lot of people may have something very similar to this in their invent already but for this quality in texturing and fit, added to that the fact that top and skirt come as separates means it’s super handy.

The only “Meh” is that all outfits come with all the standard mesh sizes but as a mesh bod addict I would have liked that option as well, I’m greedy as well as cheap LOL.

Giulia Design