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I’ve been popping in and out of a sim for over a week now and I still can’t get the sort of shots which show it off to the best! and add to that the Freebie I mentioned in my last post was just so so, I for one always say “Thank you” for any freebie/gift but sometimes you check it out and it’s just like “whaaaat!” Then sometimes you keep a gift in your invent as a reminder to go back to a shop and check it out and you will have heard of S@bbia before because I’ve had quite a few of their GG’s but here is 2 new ones.


This dress is on the wall to the right as you walk in with other GG’s and it’s new to me but these are all the old GG’s so you might already have this but these shoes are definitely new, cos they’re on the board ahead of you and that’s where the New GG’s are kept.


Both these boots and the dress come in one size only, the boots don’t seem to be resizable but I only did a brief check. Although they’re on the slightly big size and if there is a way I could make them a tad smaller then I will but if I can’t I’m still keeping them.  I’m not sure if I have but if I have a pair of socks to go with them as well they’re pretty darn good.

I also noticed as I was stood there that the 2 Lucky Boards had new to me gifts in them so as always if you have time to kill this is a good place to hang out at.  Plus behind the desk is a small selection of decor items at cheap prices inc a shop till which would make an interesting decor item in your home plus in the shop is a dressing table and chair set which tbh have been there as long as S@bbia has been open but these 2 items are not only low-priced, 1Ld each, but low primmed.

UPDATE I decided to have a proper look around S@bbia as I’ve not been here for a while plus I could loiter in the hopes that my initial comes up on the LB(it did and I won another pair of boots). I found a few things of interest the first is that everything seems to be priced at 100Lds and less and there is lots of stuff here well worth that esp the shoe dept, downstairs is also an outlet section, the boots are editable and last but not least a sock/applier that I almost bought, and possibly still might.  A 100Lds for a simple wearable sock set which not only fit under the boots but will also fit on flat/med and no mesh feet and under shoes you may already have but can you spot what is missing?  HIGH! It was only when I was trying the demo on did I notice that for some reason high feet are not inc which is a big shame but again I’m seriously tempted.  Try the demo out for yourself if you want to make sure the socks will fit under shoes you already have but may look better with a sock layer.