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Retro Babe(Freebie’s)

Any excuse to go to my fav beachy sims and this black and white retro bather/jumpsuit was a perfect excuse.


Just a “vanity shot” but even from this distance you can see how much I stand out.


I used photo editing in this shot just for fun, but it’s turned the white into a creamy colour when it’s really black and white.  A fantastic little sexy number, get it now and tuck it away for the coming Summer months unless of course, you live your SL life in year round summer.  TBH I simply grabbed and ran from the KOM shop so I can’t tell you much more but it’s FREE for ALL so just buy for zero.

Then I quickly TPed back to my studio.  Last night well past my beddy byes, I came inworld and binned so much it hurt but it was also good to be able to work out the keepers, binners, donators etc and although sometimes I have to bin excellent items I have to work out if they’re ever really going to be used again and if not no matter how good they are they have to go.

So basically I came across a folder of items from Revival which I have blogged before and like a hoarder before I make the final decision I have to look at everything and what I hadn’t appreciated before was not only how lovely this simple round cushion is but what damned good poses it has in it.


His, her & couple poses with gentle slow and sexy moves, perfect not just for your home but also pretty good for taking pictures.  Sometimes poses in furniture maybe good but it’s not “photogenic” good which is why when using a prop we often have to use our own poses but again this one came with some really good ones.  I’m going to log in to grab the Revival LM and check that all the excellent Group Gifts are still out and to make sure this one is also set out so if you missed that old post or you forgot to go get em this is a second chance.

Yesss it’s all there.  Simply join the Free Revival group and start grabbing yourself some quality home decor items.