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Be Smart.(Freebie).

I know I promised you pictures of lovely sims but I’ve lost them ALL, just don’t ask me!

So last night at 10pm I started to have an allergy attack which basically meant I was sneezing so hard I peed myself, GROW UP PEOPLE IT HAPPENS! Honestly out of the blue my hooter just felt as though I had snorted a line of ground pepper.  Fortunately, I alway keep a packet of Antihistamines on hand but by the time they kicked in I felt as though my face had exploded LOL and so I ended up having a sh*tty night and  to distract myself I started to check the Marketplace for something, anything as long as it ticked all the boxes and I found it it’s a “crown” or basically a lovely floral headdress and yet I’m showing you a car lol.


The Marketplace shop has a whole mix of things and 2 freebies one of which is the floral crown and the other this very smart car.


Smart because it’s ONLY 14prims, I should really start to refer it as Li’s rather than prims but you all know what I mean.  I may have made a mistake because the details on the MP says 14 but I prim checked and it came in at 10 but chances are I’m wrong but either way low low prims.


The only downside, although it’s nondrivable I don’t drive much in SL I’m a danger to everyone and everything is SL when I’m behind a wheel, it’s the lights which cannot be turned off.  It does make a splash of colour but if you don’t want that splash of colour then its a shame.  It is copy and mod, non trans, and I wonder if someone smarter than I could actually turn that light script off.

Remember when you check the RichardxxKruspe Marketplace shop and check out the crown, I’ve not tried it on so I don’t know the quality but I have my fingers crossed it’s as good as it looks.