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Oh Yeah! (Freebie).

Big fat French kiss to the lovely person who gave me the heads up about the new Jian Sub/Group gift, because of that and another freebie I had a lovely and so simple time in SL this morning.


Faith has left this poor bear in the snow all this time!


Although I should have stopped running and taken a better picture of my new undies to show you.  As I was trying the boot/slippers/uggs on a notice was sent out about new undies at DanemarkZ, so I and every bloddy else in the “SL offers and Free(SLO&F)” (sic) group TPed over, I’ve never seen so many Cheap B’s in one place at the same time which basically meant it was lag Hell!  So I just grabbed this and TPed home.  Will be going back later to check out the shop more in full when it’s calmed down but this is a simple pretty little undies set, bra n panties in tattoo layers and Omega Appliers.


OMG look at that face GO ON LOOK AT IT!  I have a Bengal and when you tickle his sweet spot, behind the ears you perves! he smiles just like this.  I have, to be honest, and if I had seen these in a notice I would have ignored them because I just thought “slipper” nah I have enough and chances are everyone else will have but “LOOK AT THEM!”  They wiggle their little tootsies, wag their tails, MEOW so cutely they make me melt but never fear you can actually mute the little sweethearts.  You can also stop the animation and also change the texture of each kittie.

The lovely person who sent me a note about them said they were sent out to her as a Sub and I’m subbed to Jian but didn’t get em so when I popped over I reslapped the sub board and yup not only these but other gifties were sent to me straight away.  All of them old ones BUT brilliant ones none the less, I still use the bar, the wreath is perfect for any time of year, the champange bottle/glasses are so realistic etc etc so get over and either slap the Sub board or reslap it if you’ve not been sent these goodies.


DanemarkZ (Turn right and it’s just outside the door where all the Gacha’s are.