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A Hot Quick Freebie!

I decided to spend some time over at  Cynful Clothing and so I parked myself in front of their many LB’s and started to sift through my notes and maybe score myself an outfit or two at the same time, but then I spotted I’d completely missed their new, but now old, GG!  So since this has been out since December I thought I’d do a very quick post because as always superb quality.


Vanity shot of my bum plus I’ve been wandering around 2 super wintery sims snapping away, more about that in another post, but I decided my poor AV needed some sunshine on her old bones.


Don’t I look like Faith in this piccie! Anyhow as I said a superb long dress, comes in 2 versions with or without straps but both versions have very cheeky almost nip slip cleavage-baring hardly there top half.

There is a hud and I can’t remember how many options you have but I’m pretty sure they all have the same pattern it’s the colours that change and for once the pink/pastel ones are the ones I adore.  All mesh bod sizes etc etc.  As I said this beauty could be gone by the time I click “Publish” but even if it is I bet it’s replaced with an equally as good New GG or you could park yourself in front of the LBs which are fully packed with shop quality outfits and have a quick turn over.


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