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Fripperies!(Freebie n Dollarbie).

The last 2 items I rezzed turned out to be the best.  Spent some time in SL and the Marketplace just rummaging for hidden treasures and when I filled a folder full I TPed home and unpacked and binned until I actually got to the last 2 items which are definitely blogworthy.

This mirror was something I was going to bin once I’d taken the pictures, I have to keep my invent under control, but I’m actually going to keep it I was that impressed with it!


I actually rezzed it next to me and it’s a pretty darn big mirror almost the hight of my AV, but then again I’m not a towering Amazonian AV.  Then I slapped it on the wall zoomed back and I think I might keep it, not on this wall but I might change this to the wall next to my dressing table or in the studio or actually just shove it back in my invent LOL.  So many decisions and since my home is still all out of kilter I can’t really think too much about adding anything to it until I’ve sorted the mess out.


This is a close up because there is a lack of definition from a distance but close up you can see more detail.  A very shiny copper colour.  This mirror is actually the freebie from the “Fantastic Furniture” shop on the Marketplace.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve been in the inworld shop but I can’t really remember it well but chances are if I TPed over there I would remember it straight away.

This is the other item I picked up from their MP shop.


Yet another thing I wasn’t going to almost bother with but they’re big fat plump girly pillows and only a Dollarbie, not linked either.

I did also buy the plant in the pot which is absolutely fine buttttttt…3 prims maybe not however if that is a lovely plant you want for a single Linden then well worth it.

Fantastic Furniture