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“Let it snow, let it snow, let it..WTF it’s melted!”(Freebie).

Blimey I was having a nice natter with someone who has returned to SL after quite a break and I’m always facinated by how much change people see with things such as mesh etc.  Anyhow time was running short and since in the background was some rather spectacular fireworks I took the opportunity to pull a few poses and snap away.


This dress is a new FREEBIE from Entice and once you’ve grabbed it, hopefully the LM should take you right to it, if not then it’s in the first main room to your left, then continue  through the shop, through the open courtyard and on the back wall is some Lucky Chairs and other Group Gifts and TBH you have will seen them all if not on this blog then probably any you follow.

xxxfireuseSadly I didn’t catch the fireworks in all their glory in this picture but I was outta time.

Comes with a Hud and now I can’t remember how many colour options you have but it’s probably 3 for the top and skirt and you can wear them as separates which makes them super handy.  You also seem to get every size, mesh, and non mesh body you could ever need.

Yes, our whole country has ground to a halt because of the massive snowfall, an amazing amount of snow all of 1 millimeter! FFS I’ve put more icing sugar on a cake than what seems to have caused our country to collapse!

PS I’ve just remembered you will need to pay a single Linden to buy this GG but it’s sent right back to you.