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Toot Toot, Lesson 101.


Go to the gym they said, you will lose weight they said, you will feel fitter and better they said and they LIE!  I’ve managed to pull something in my shoulder which the Doctor gave me a long fancy assed name for but I translated it to “you’ve knacked your shoulder”.  TBH it’s not much of an issue but I’m a bit sick of the grinding ache.  Never mind I’m back home and taking the rest of the day off and slouching in my fat pants and treating myself to a slice of chocolate cheesecake.

This isn’t a normal post because I got a really brill lesson off one of our readers.  The reason I don’t give people’s names in I don’t know if they’re ok with it but people who send us gifties, check out my little toot toot car lol, or show me where the hunt item is or drop me a note about something special they have found in SL that I might be interested in etc all know who they are and a big fat wet sloppy French kiss to them.

So people will have read about how I managed to delete my home and now I have the struggle of rerezzing a replacement back into the exact place it used to be?  it turns out there is a much simpler way to do it!  If you’ve deleted it then return it from your Trash folder back into your invent but if you’re just taken it back then it will have returned there in any case.  When you locate it when it’s in your invent click on it and in the menu that comes up you have the “Restore to last Position” and Holy Crapola it worked!  She did say that it’s not to be used for “non copy” items as there is a possibility SL will eat it up.  I’ve only done a couple of tests so far .

But of course, the other suggestion I got off another one of our readers was when you rezz the item then click on it and in the “edit” menu chose the “object” tab option and then “Lock” and this means you cannot accidentally delete it as it’s locked in place, to unlock it you simply edit it and untick the “Locked” box.  I think the reason I’ve been adverse to using this option is that in the past scripted items such as doors etc would often be affected in a negative way but I think we’re long past that sort of glitching and so my house is now locked in place and all the doors are working well.

OK Logging off now for some much-needed lunch but hoping to be back with goodies later.


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