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Dirty Denim, Dollarbie, Freebie n Update.

A Brii(laint) free group gift brom Brii.


You get a mesh denim catsuit, system layer top, with appliers, necklace, bracelets and shoes all come in many sizes so everyone should be able to find a fit(mesh).

The shirt layer is good but don’t forget you can wear any system layer or shirt layer with an appliers if you have one in your invent you prefer or of course you could be really naughty and go without but that’s a LOT of naked boobies on show but then again some people do like to be naughty lol.

Next to this group gift is a Dollarbie which is a white dress with a lace overlay and that too also comes with shoes and oodles of sizes as well.

I keep my mini map open because sometimes when I spot a gaggle of AVs I have to be nosy and TP over and sometimes you find yourself in some very compromising situations and sometimes you score like I did.  This time the gaggle of AV’s were stood around some Lucky Chairs in the Brii shop and lucky me I instantly won a “Hunger Games” outfit I believe the characters name is Caithness?  Will confess I’ve not seen the film or read the books but I know many who have but I do know that “Caithness” is famous for her bow and arrow set and the outfit I won came with an excellent bow and quiver set.  I’m not showing you it but if you have time to kill I will put the LM to the Lucky Chairs as well because they look as though they have stuff in them worth waiting for.


This “update” gives me a good excuse to show you not just the Caithness, Lucky Chair win but actually a subscription gift I picked up from a shop owned by one of our readers.  It just so happens that the necklace and ring I think go well with this outfit.  I will do more about that tomorrow as his shop is one of many on a large shopping sim I’m not familiar with so I’m going to have a good mooch around tomorrow and I will tell you more about his shop and the sim itself esp if I find more freebies.


Brii (Group Gifts)

Brii (Lucky Chairs)



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