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I derezzed my home! One misplaced click and I ended up standing there surrounded by sofa’s, lights, rug, pots n pan and no walls, cursing my Nooby stupidness! So I’ve rerezzed a new house but not amount of editing will get it back into the exact place it was so now I have to spend time realigning all my stuff back into place.  Add to that I lost the details of the lovely dress I was going to show you I decided to throw the SL towel in for the day but not after I’ve shown you some great basics.

First I must say that even if you don’t like or need a pair of shoes like these still go over to the Venus shop because there is oodles of Free to join Group gifts.  TBH if you’ve read this blog for a while you will probably recognise most of them but if you haven’t or forgot to go get eme go get em now.

These shoes, and there is a bloody pair of Halloween boots I’ve not seen before, are new.


These high court shoes come with a pretty big hud which allows you to change the shoe, platform, heels, sole and even the logo.


You will find these and all the other Group Gifts on the platform behind the reception desk, you will see exactly what I mean when you get there, but make sure to turn to your left and start walking as there are 4 Lucky Chairs, I won a pair as I passed by, and then go a bit further for even more Group Gifts.  Enough shoes/boots for anyone’s invent.

A nice touch is the “ankle lock” that you get in each pack.  For those who take a lot of pictures or who spend a lot of time relaxing in SL when you sit down that nasty ankle bend you get with so many poses really gets on my T*Ts but you simply add the ankle lock and it stops that happening.

Just a heads up because tomorrow I will be back on full steam, you have been warned lol.  My OH has been off work for not just all of the Christmas period but well into the New Year and tomorrow he returns to the grindstone,woo hoo, which means I am FREEEEEE to SL….OK free when I’ve done my own RL work LOL but I will have more time to do more and I find SL and freebie hunting is my form of relaxing.

PS I’m back at the gym tonight and it’s the first session I will have had since a week before Xmas, pray for me!

PS, Sorry because I decided to “throw the towel in” I didn’t double check but I’m 99% sure these come for all the big mesh feet and thats the same for all of VeNuS products.



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  1. Maybe you already know this, but to prevent derezzing your home (or skyplatform which can be very tedious too as it leaves your avi falling down and you wondering wtf happened) you can lock the object/home.
    Right click on your home and choose edit. In the object tab check the “locked” option.
    Next time when you accidentally delete the wrong object it will give you a warning first that the object is locked, which will clarify for you that you are about to delete your home instead of the object you wanted to delete.
    Sorry if I made it a long story but I am not english and this is the best I could explain.

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    1. Your English is excellent and so is your advice. Actually, I already knew this but I’m an idiot who keeps on forgetting but I’ve deffo locked the new house LOL. Great advice if anyone else reads this and does the same sort of Nooby things I do. Thanks so much for not just the advice but reading our blog. Zan.


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