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Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.(Hunt Update).

Thanks to all of you who were so quick to respond, honestly, I was chuffed.  Fortunately one of our regular readers was also inworld so she took me by my AV hand and literally had to have her emmm put her “buy beam” on the snowflake before I could finally spot it! The clue didn’t have much to do with where it actually is BUT I will have to say that not only is it worth the hunting but it did make me on my first visit have a good look around the shop.

So this is what it’s all about.  A snow caterpillar which is just what I need to save Faiths poor bear who she seems to have left to its cold demise!


So I rezzed and rushed to it’s aid, I’m such a humanitarian.


Sadly my driving skills are sorely lacking.


And I think I killed him!

I was in a bit of a rush but as she was showing me where to find the snowflake she told me how she found it and this is something I will have to try this myself when I get time to do the rest of the hunt.

Anyhow, I’ll put the link to my post so you can find out more details about this hunt, the LMs and the shop this comes from plus of course there are many other prizes to hunt down this one was so I could have a bit of fun.

Winter Blows Post

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