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Help me!

I decided to do a hunt today and one of the prizes in the “Winter Blows” hunt grabbed my attention and so I made my first visit to the “Hearts and Cart Wheels” shop and although on the surface the hint given seems pretty easy I simply couldn’t find the hidden snowflake! Soooo basically if anyone has a spare moment and is a better hunter than I can you look and let me know?

Mind you even if you don’t find it there is some real interesting stuff here inc bargains and also 2 lucky emm petrol pumps.  Simply wait for your initial to come up and you too can have your own “Muff mobile”.


Yup how lucky was I.  So, of course, my first thought was to park it outside of Faiths home next to PD’s muscle car so they now have a “His n Her” set.


Don’t worry Faith I’ve driven off now.  This does come with a standard driving menu and pretty easy to drive, I only crashed about 2 times which is pretty good for me.  This is a shop packed with so many vehicles from the comic, The Flintstones car to the super serious muscle cars/bikes. Also a range of famous cars from TV and films.

The LBs only change every 30mins but the prizes seem to as well but if you don’t want to linger then once you’ve checked out the shop you will find that there is a room packed with 25Lds offers.  A whole random selection of new and old vehicles, some bits n bobs to decor your home/sim ie stage lights, generators etc.  I ended up buying nothing as I simply couldn’t make my mind up in the end and I intend on checking my invent to make sure I don’t already have some of the items.

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