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I can do this!(Freebie).

I am fortunate in that I have a whole craft room to myself, ok the smallest box bedroom/closet lol and I paint, stamp, knit, crochet, sew etc and I do it very very BADLY! Anyone who looks at one of my creations and praises it is a friggin liar but OMG for some freaky reason I can actually embroider! Lots of things in my home have a little bit of embroidery on it but for repairing or upcycling old clothes it’s really invaluable in tarting something up and of course pretty unique. However my lack of skills in other artistic endeavours  doesn’t stop me from slapping paint onto paper or making family and friends suffer from home made cards that look like they’ve been made by an uninspired/bored 7-year-old because the one thing I always say I may be bad at it but I love it and find it very relaxing plus in life you have to keep on trying things until one day you will find that thing you’re good at.

All of that spam for a simple embroidered dress LOL.


This dress actually cost me a Linden because I was mooching in the Marketplace but I know you can get it from the main shop inworld for Free, just join the Insomnia group and grab.


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  1. Well done, Zan! Keep up your handicraft work, it’s so rewarding. Folks don’t do so much of it nowadays, like writing real letters to friends. It’s a shame, but at my young daughter’s school they are having a handicrafts revival and she is much into crotchet work now and already halfway through a scarf 🙂


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