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It’s not a glitch! (Freebie).

Mutters “I hate Windows 10 and the damned blue screen of death!” anyhow time and cursing at my computer seemed to have done the trick and I’m back.  PS You can tell I’m no teccie!


Keeping this a really short post as my OH is now off for Christmas and I want to get this done before he gets up and starts hinting for me to join him for a jog. You see those dots?  they’re not glitches they’re actually the snow on our sim.   I’m actually stood inside my caravan with the side dropped down so I’m sorta inside/outside.


Now the snow is looking more natural but you should see it inworld it’s so amazing.

Anyhow a lovely simple floral, velvety winter coat from  The Vintage Touch.  Comes with the black tights/leggings in a tat and Omega layer and all the mesh sizes for the coat.

PS Costs a linden to join the group but I can’t remember now if that’s sent back to you, tbh when it cost a single Linden to join a group it usually is returned to you but it’s really just a token amount esp for such a lovely item PAY IT!

The Vintage Touch

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Lil bit of a catch up! (Free things too)


Hiya! I’m back from my holiday and ready to roll right into something you might miss out on. Winter Trend finishes on the 23rd December so you will have to dash to get the new goodies from Neve. I’m wearing the deedee leggings that come in a vast array of colours and patterns along with the pep top.Love that you can remove the scarf and of course each pack is in four colours so you can fiddle about with your look. For more photos and info check out the blog listed below.


I haven’t had a chance to show these boots off yet, I had them from Player for my birthday and they are just gorjuss! By KC Couture and come with a Hud containing 36 colours – that you can choose for each part of the boots! Brilliant value at $149L.


Last up for today, a lovely Christmas gift from Neve , it’s a real beauty. Just join the VIP group (its free) and touch the photo et voila this pretty little frock and cardigan is all yours. You also get a nifty Hud with more colours and combos! Thanks Neve ❤ Ohhhh and yes, I had to rush over and grab the D!va hair that Zan showed the other day, it’s a freebie and so versatile. I fiddled about with it and removed the front strands, but later noticed you can also wear it as an “up do” too – brilliant! My chunky winter tights are by Sweet Tea, I love their woolly tights – in my opinion best tight maker ever !

Neve Store

Neve Blog

Winter Trend


Sweet tea

KC Couture

Fashiowl pose/prop “my deer”

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I knew it!(Freebie).

I knew I would find a freebie and I did.

OK, first I wasn’t actually going to show this one, nothing wrong with the quality etc but a cutsie wootsie sexy Santa outfit is two a penny at the moment but I still tried it on because I’ve not shown something like this as yet and when I spotted the  Hud I was pleased I had.  Some pretty standard Christmas colouring ie reds, greens but the white and black options really do make this stand out a bit more.


You get the dress, which you can wear with or without the picture on the front, choker, antlers and nose and all can be coloured differently or in this case I’ve chosen the all white options.  So you get a colour hud, mesh bod fits and standard fits.

There are 3 gifts on the table and this was one of the other gifts.


Just the dress, not the crown which is a shame as this “levitating” crown finishes this dress off perfectly and I think the shop it came from has gone.

Yup, I admit it, this is if not identical then almost identical to a dress I’ve just shown you a couple of posts ago and yes this also comes with a Hud.  From what I can remember 5 tex options, mesh bod and non mesh bod options all good but this last texturing is the winner for me. Although I’ve had fun with the picture the texturing is of tarnished, brushed, antique gold and really good, they’re all good but this is just em gooder LOL.  I didn’t have time but this dress is begging for bright in your face jewelry, something blood red at the neck and dangling from your ears to contrast with the dull of the dress.

And time has run out…have a great day and I will see ya’s all tomorrow..or maybe later.


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No skills needed.

I got a lovely message from someone about how good our sim is looking and she’s coming back to take piccies, sorry I’m pretty sure I remember who it’s off but I don’t want to get her name wrong but she knows who she is.


BUT it got me thinking, most people will have been tempted to take an inworld picture or two or three or etc and pay the small price of 10Lds for each snap but those pesky 10Lds can start to add up esp if you’re not happy with what you’ve taken but did you know you can save all your pictures for FREE and it’s idiot proof…fortunately for me.


Basically when you get the snapshot Hud up to take your picture you get a choice of where you want to save it ie to your invent, profile, facebook etc but it’s the “Disc” option that saves it straight onto your computer. I save mine straight into my pictures folder on my comp, sometimes if I’m not paying attention then they end up in documents lol.


So GET SNAPPING and as always remember our sim is open to all.  You rezz in a particularly lovely build Faith has put up but the whole sim is open for you to wander around. As always though, Faiths house on the hill will boot your AV ass to the other side of the sim but only if you try to go in my house on the other hand is open to all and if you see either of us inworld don’t worry feel free to ignore us and we will ignore you esp as were usually just up on our platforms working away.  Even if I rezzed in my home and you were sat there on my chair nattering with a friend I would probably just TP outta there in a heartbeat and leave you all on your own.  We love being sim owners this is our SL and RL addictions but not everyone wants to have the expense or fuss of owning a SL home.


All these pictures were taken in the sims wintery setting and I’d like to think that we’ve made it pretty photogenic so even if you’re not a confident snapper hopefully you can take a picture on our sim which will come out like a work of art.

OK back to Gift hunting, see ya laters.

Home Sweet Home

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Wait for this(oodles of 10Lds and Lucky Chairs).

Old group gifts NEW Christmas gifts.  It costs a paltry 10Lds to join the H&S group and you get so much for this small amount.

Under the Christmas tree in the main shop is 2 Crimbo pressies, the dress/jacket in one bag and the matching shoes in the other.


The jacket can be worn as a separate and although it’s actually a pretty good quality I’m binning it and maybe the shoes but I’m def keeping the dress esp as it will act as a good reminder to call back to this shop in the future.


I’m actually wearing a “material light” light which comes with these gifts, obviously pretty bright but if you’re taking “selfies” and want to make yourself stand out then try it even if it’s just for fun.

Once you’ve grabbed the pressies from under the tree continue to the back of the shop and you will see a whole selection of shoes for group members.  I have blogged these shoes before but you may not have seen that post or didn’t go to get them the first time around.  Some really good court shoes, lots of colours and a selection of other shoes and as you can tell I didn’t really look too closely because I could hear the ticking of the lucky chairs and I just wanted to get to them.

There is a whole row of them outside of the H&S shop but you do have to be an H&S group member to be able to claim your prize.  A very quick turn over in letters I think I won about 4 pairs in just the short time it took to take these 2 pictures.

PS Clothes come in a couple of mesh bod and all the nonmesh bods and I know the shoes in the Christmas gifts are for SLink and Maitreya so I’m going to assume that all shoes are at least for these 2 mesh feet and maybe even more now.


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Taking a break, FREEBIE.

I’ll save you from the spam and do the freebie first and the spam to the end.

Lovely pose in this throne and as it happens I’m not being lazy as I am caming a whole row of lucky chairs but more about them in my next post.

The jumper is a lovely freebie from TRS Designs and as it happens there are 2 gifties set out this and an equally as well textured longer knit winter dress.  I’m using this pose because if you look closer you will see that it fits over your thumb….brain is not engaged this morning but you can see what I mean.

As I was LM grabbing I spotted “The Weekly Limited” offer which basically seems to be something at a slashed down price on offer for just a week and in this case it’s a mesh pair of pants with a really big Hud for just 50Lds and I’m stood here debating as they look so good and with that price tag and colour hud a really good addition to my invent.  If the LM doesn’t take you right to the freebies just have a wander, I think turn to your right and there all on a wall there but if I’m wrong they’re not hard to find.



Can I just say that a lot of people, me, are going on and on and on about Christmas but I know that for a lot of people Christmas isn’t the best time of the year.  You may be on your own or even worse surrounded by family but wish you weren’t! If this is the case for you REMEMBER the only person who really matters is yourself! If you’re on your own make sure you have a day of treats lined up from a lovely breakfast in bed to a walk in the park knowing that you are the Boss of your world.  If you’re stuck with family who quite frankly are a pain, just smile and confuse the buggers, let every petty argument go right over your head, ignore the mess, laziness, and craziness they create.  If you’re stuck with a partner who treats you like crap then Christmas might be the time for you to reevaluate what it is you want out of life and sometimes being on your own is actually the best thing in the world.

Last word is that no one’s Christmas is picture perfect that only happens in adverts and life ain’t no advert LOL. Desgn

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Speaking of good hair and spending Lindens…time is running out.

So I logged in to make sure I had the right LM for D!va and a notice came through from Mina about the “Bishbox” and at the moment it’s discounted by 50% but time is running out and there is just today left and then it goes back upto full price.  Any SLer will have seen the new trend of paying a sub each month and then getting a surpise delivery of a box packed with amazing stuff.

Because each box contains surprises I don’t know what the heck is in them but the description of the “Bishbox” is  “It’s full of awesomely edgy, urban, punk, wild, flamboyant, bold clothing and avatar accessories for those strong-willed and confident!” but even better than the description is that this box can also be given as a gift so if there is anyone out there struggling to find something for a loved one a perfect pressie.  Although the price tag of 1500Lds seems large and yes that is with the discount I know that the FULL pack of Mina hair would have cost you that in anycase.

I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can check it out for yourself but of course there is a whole selection of SL shops who are involved with “Bishbox” and you might want to do a little checking up but be quick as the price goes up pretty soon.

Mina Mainshop