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Too soon?(Freebie).

Is it “too soon” for a more spring/summer style dress?

I’m all done and dusted, all that glitters, tinkles or shatters when dropped has been packed or brushed away.   Even my cats have been turfed out of the Christmassy decorated box I made for them but don’t feel sorry for them as I gave them a tin of Tuna as a treat.


I wasn’t planning on doing another post today but I finished my work a lot quicker than I had expected so I popped back inworld to have an old fashioned mooch and came across this nice sweet dress from E&O (Epicou & Oricay) which is a completely new shop to me.   Such a simple sweet dress so I just popped home and did a quick snap.

The Group is free to join but you do have to pay a Dollar to buy it, you get the menu up with the 2 priced options and if you’re in the group then it only costs 1Ld but I forgot to check to see if it was paid back which is usually the case but if not then this dress costs just a measly Linden.

Comes in a standard mesh and mesh bod sizing.  I would seriously recommend wearing panties, knickers, undies with this unless you’re a flasher.  OK I will confess I did actually slip a pair of panties on with a picture of “The Grinch” on them lol they were the quickest I could find.

PS other gifts there if this dress doesn’t pique you’re interest.