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Going, going, almost gone.(Freebie)

I for one cannot stand starting the New Year with Christmas Decorations up so I spend my New Years Eve not in a drunken stupor, although I do have a bottle of Cidre with my name on it for later lol, but packaging away the tinsel, baubles and lights as my cats protest heave in the background because they’ve had a wonderful time not just playing with all of this stuff but eating some of it….all pet owners will understand “tinsel bums”!

Anyhow, I had picked up this freebie a couple of days ago and although it isn’t my usual style I decided to go with it and also do a bit of random SL wandering.


This was actually taken in a room above a shop and this was the demo of their snow emitter, in the room on the other side is the Autumnal leaves demo which I was going to buy but I forgot and now it’s too late.


Then I ended up in an old hangout place I used to use a lot and checked out any new poses n stuff they had and this is one of them, then outside I spotted a rather exc build which took me here…

xxxboomuse3As chance has it this is the shop that Faith bought our guest hangout house from and this whole platform is their shop. I had a great time looking around and I’m SO freaking tempted to get the car I’ve parked my behind on.  I won’t tell you much about the car because sadly it comes with a hefty price tag but I’m so tempted esp now we have more prims to play with.

Now for the outfit.

A simple Applier, slashed skin tight outfit.  You get 4 colour options and it has appliers for all big mesh bods. TBH if this was a paid for group gift then I would give you the exact details but since it’s for free and I now don’t have the time to get back inworld to double check but I do remember that it doesn’t come with a tattoo layer so anyone who doesn’t have a mesh bod won’t be able to wear it.

OK, Now I want you all to BE SAFE! If you’re off somewhere special tonight then stay sober and stay alThe danger.   isn’t around every corner but sadly there are people out there looking for those with their resistance lowered or their guard down.

But most importantly can I say DON’T DRINK & DRIVE because if you do then your a TW*T!


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