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Lucky you, Lucky me, Lucky FREEBIE!

Yup making up the titles to these posts kills a few of the old gray cells each time, so naff title but certainly not a naff freebie.


To get this brill top/dress you need to go to Hilly Hallan shop and there you will find some Christmas Group Gifts and although 2 of them are now outdated, ie a Christmas ornament clutch bag but these will still be exc quality and even if you have them tucked away in your invent till next Christmas I bet they will still be top quality next year.  There is a pair of red shoes which are wearable all year round.  I didn’t grab these gifts which are next to the LM but if you follow the signpost, basically turn left, and on the wall is all of the old Hilly Hallan GG’s and probably some new ones but as soon as I spotted this lovely oversized top which is a Maitreya Group Gift I quickly joined, grabbed and TPed home.


You do get 2 shades this lovely smooth gray and a shade of violet.  Obviously, this group is for people who have Maitreya mesh bodies but as always with the use of an Alpha layer or in my case I wore my SLink Bod and just used the Hud it will fit anyone and everyone.

Hilly Hallan