Blogging SL

No skills needed.

I got a lovely message from someone about how good our sim is looking and she’s coming back to take piccies, sorry I’m pretty sure I remember who it’s off but I don’t want to get her name wrong but she knows who she is.


BUT it got me thinking, most people will have been tempted to take an inworld picture or two or three or etc and pay the small price of 10Lds for each snap but those pesky 10Lds can start to add up esp if you’re not happy with what you’ve taken but did you know you can save all your pictures for FREE and it’s idiot proof…fortunately for me.


Basically when you get the snapshot Hud up to take your picture you get a choice of where you want to save it ie to your invent, profile, facebook etc but it’s the “Disc” option that saves it straight onto your computer. I save mine straight into my pictures folder on my comp, sometimes if I’m not paying attention then they end up in documents lol.


So GET SNAPPING and as always remember our sim is open to all.  You rezz in a particularly lovely build Faith has put up but the whole sim is open for you to wander around. As always though, Faiths house on the hill will boot your AV ass to the other side of the sim but only if you try to go in my house on the other hand is open to all and if you see either of us inworld don’t worry feel free to ignore us and we will ignore you esp as were usually just up on our platforms working away.  Even if I rezzed in my home and you were sat there on my chair nattering with a friend I would probably just TP outta there in a heartbeat and leave you all on your own.  We love being sim owners this is our SL and RL addictions but not everyone wants to have the expense or fuss of owning a SL home.


All these pictures were taken in the sims wintery setting and I’d like to think that we’ve made it pretty photogenic so even if you’re not a confident snapper hopefully you can take a picture on our sim which will come out like a work of art.

OK back to Gift hunting, see ya laters.

Home Sweet Home