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Wait for this(oodles of 10Lds and Lucky Chairs).

Old group gifts NEW Christmas gifts.  It costs a paltry 10Lds to join the H&S group and you get so much for this small amount.

Under the Christmas tree in the main shop is 2 Crimbo pressies, the dress/jacket in one bag and the matching shoes in the other.


The jacket can be worn as a separate and although it’s actually a pretty good quality I’m binning it and maybe the shoes but I’m def keeping the dress esp as it will act as a good reminder to call back to this shop in the future.


I’m actually wearing a “material light” light which comes with these gifts, obviously pretty bright but if you’re taking “selfies” and want to make yourself stand out then try it even if it’s just for fun.

Once you’ve grabbed the pressies from under the tree continue to the back of the shop and you will see a whole selection of shoes for group members.  I have blogged these shoes before but you may not have seen that post or didn’t go to get them the first time around.  Some really good court shoes, lots of colours and a selection of other shoes and as you can tell I didn’t really look too closely because I could hear the ticking of the lucky chairs and I just wanted to get to them.

There is a whole row of them outside of the H&S shop but you do have to be an H&S group member to be able to claim your prize.  A very quick turn over in letters I think I won about 4 pairs in just the short time it took to take these 2 pictures.

PS Clothes come in a couple of mesh bod and all the nonmesh bods and I know the shoes in the Christmas gifts are for SLink and Maitreya so I’m going to assume that all shoes are at least for these 2 mesh feet and maybe even more now.