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Taking a break, FREEBIE.

I’ll save you from the spam and do the freebie first and the spam to the end.

Lovely pose in this throne and as it happens I’m not being lazy as I am caming a whole row of lucky chairs but more about them in my next post.

The jumper is a lovely freebie from TRS Designs and as it happens there are 2 gifties set out this and an equally as well textured longer knit winter dress.  I’m using this pose because if you look closer you will see that it fits over your thumb….brain is not engaged this morning but you can see what I mean.

As I was LM grabbing I spotted “The Weekly Limited” offer which basically seems to be something at a slashed down price on offer for just a week and in this case it’s a mesh pair of pants with a really big Hud for just 50Lds and I’m stood here debating as they look so good and with that price tag and colour hud a really good addition to my invent.  If the LM doesn’t take you right to the freebies just have a wander, I think turn to your right and there all on a wall there but if I’m wrong they’re not hard to find.



Can I just say that a lot of people, me, are going on and on and on about Christmas but I know that for a lot of people Christmas isn’t the best time of the year.  You may be on your own or even worse surrounded by family but wish you weren’t! If this is the case for you REMEMBER the only person who really matters is yourself! If you’re on your own make sure you have a day of treats lined up from a lovely breakfast in bed to a walk in the park knowing that you are the Boss of your world.  If you’re stuck with family who quite frankly are a pain, just smile and confuse the buggers, let every petty argument go right over your head, ignore the mess, laziness, and craziness they create.  If you’re stuck with a partner who treats you like crap then Christmas might be the time for you to reevaluate what it is you want out of life and sometimes being on your own is actually the best thing in the world.

Last word is that no one’s Christmas is picture perfect that only happens in adverts and life ain’t no advert LOL. Desgn