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Speaking of good hair and spending Lindens…time is running out.

So I logged in to make sure I had the right LM for D!va and a notice came through from Mina about the “Bishbox” and at the moment it’s discounted by 50% but time is running out and there is just today left and then it goes back upto full price.  Any SLer will have seen the new trend of paying a sub each month and then getting a surpise delivery of a box packed with amazing stuff.

Because each box contains surprises I don’t know what the heck is in them but the description of the “Bishbox” is  “It’s full of awesomely edgy, urban, punk, wild, flamboyant, bold clothing and avatar accessories for those strong-willed and confident!” but even better than the description is that this box can also be given as a gift so if there is anyone out there struggling to find something for a loved one a perfect pressie.  Although the price tag of 1500Lds seems large and yes that is with the discount I know that the FULL pack of Mina hair would have cost you that in anycase.

I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can check it out for yourself but of course there is a whole selection of SL shops who are involved with “Bishbox” and you might want to do a little checking up but be quick as the price goes up pretty soon.

Mina Mainshop