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Be a D!va(Freebies).

There is one thing I’ve always said is that you have to pay good Lindens for good hair BUT occasionally a shop will have a Freebie out which takes your breath away and here it is.


I have quite a few D!va hair, lots of them are old GG’s,  and a lot of them were bought from Collab88 so bought at a super bargain price.  I wore a D!va hair in my last post and it reminded me that I should get over there to check out the main shop and lo and behold there is a new FREEBIE and it’s superb.

Called Iris, it even comes with a colour hud plus the option to wear the hair band and flowers both of which I took off but only  because they didn’t match this dress.


This dress oddly enough comes in the same gift box as the hair and D!va isn’t known for clothes so it’s a nice thought that they have added it to their group members gift.  The shoes I’m wearing are a pair I picked up for free from the ON9 event, check out a couple of posts ago.  I’m still unpacking all the gifts from that event and I know that I had some pieces of jewelry which will be a good match for this dress as well so make sure to check that event out.

The group gifts are at the top of the first staircase but continue up to the next floor as there should be a few gifts out there as well.


3 thoughts on “Be a D!va(Freebies).”

    1. I don’t doubt it, but it’s new to me as I’ve not been over to the D!va shop for it seems a year lol. I am always trying to find something which is new and fresh even if it turns out to be old for others. I even still sometimes reblog something that I may have blogged a long time ago but I’ve come across it, such as the shoes in a recent post so those who missed this post the first time or forgot to go and grab have a reminder.


  1. wow what a find! I havent been to D!VA for ages, totally missed this. Guess who hauled ass over there even after a ten hour drive home from holiday lol


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