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Perfect temptation (Freebies).

I’ve not only found my perfect tree I found it for FREE and it was all by accident.  Basically, I started to rummage in my invent to check out what Christmas Deccies I have but then got bored so I TPed over to the ON9 event   At this event, new designs are showcased and on each stand, one colour is at a discounted price.  I of course completely ignored all the stands, discounts etc and just grabbed all the big fat gold stars because they all contain GIFTIES!

As I was walking down the second isle I found the perfect tree, tinsel, tacky, retro but damn I thought it was a Gacha win and I was a bit disapointed as I didn’t want to waste lindens trying to win it but when I was on my platform unpacking my haul look at what I found…


My tree!


I was so excited that I’d got the perfect tree for nothing I’ve forgotten the exact prim count, it’s about 7 I think and not unreasonable.

I went through as many of the boxes as I could and there is a whole mix of stuff, from hair to nails.  I’ve found a pair of shoes, earings and a head dress even a set of nails which I’m keeping.  So even if you’ve already got your Crimbo tree go to check out the rest.