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It’s all over.(Freebies).

Play on words here because this pose is from a pack titled “it’s all over” and I have to say it is for me, I’M FINISHED! I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, presents are sent, the house is twinkling, cards have been sent, work is finished, it’s all done and dusted I even took a little time off this morning to paint my nails in a lovely glittery silver polish.

So I’ve been MIA yesterday and this morning doing all of this only hopped inworld this morning to take a backup snap but I promise that I will be back in full swing tomorrow now I’ve got my RL sh*t together, woo hoo.

OK, the reason I had to do a quick inworld trip was because I wasn’t happy with the pictures of the brill Freebie from Just BECAUSE.


Although the picture is pretty enough it was so dark I ended up having to photoshop it a bit just to try to lighten it up but since I really wanted to show you how good the texturing is I decided to pop inworld and rezz my trusty pose cube and do a quick snap in my Nams setting only.


Add to the quality is the fact you get a Hud with this are the body, leggings and the straps can not only be worn as separates they each come with a small texture hud. 4 options for the top leggings and a few more for the strap and buckle.

The only slight downer is mesh bod only.  From what I can remember all the mesh bods are inc but no alpha for not mesh but don’t let that put you off because undoubtedly you will have one for these items in other clothing packs you already have so you just need to have a rummage in your invent and try someone.