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Ungrateful B*tch! (Freebie n Lucky Boards).

I don’t want this Freebie I want some of the Lucky Board wins!


I spotted in a note from Entice that they have an Advent Calendar and some really nice gifties inside it so I hauled AV ass but sadly I’ve not been able to track down where the Advent Calendar is, however, I did spot a group gift, I’m wearing it of jeans and sporty cropped top/jacket.  Then when I’d checked out the LB I decided to clear out more notes and hopefully score myself a couple of tasty looking gifts.  Check out the coat and shoes and behind me is a lovely scrunchy looking dressing gown set and all I’ve won so far is the blinking nail varnish but at least my invent is a little bit cleaner.

To find these if the LM doesn’t take you right to them then you have to walk through the shop, through the courtyard where Santa is but I couldn’t spot any pressies but you might, and then into the shop behind the shop.  The Group Gift is to the right when you go in and the LB is straight ahead.  It’s pretty easy once you get there and see what I mean.  You may even be lucky and find the Advent stuff and fingers crossed it’s backdated as there are a few goodies in there I would like.

PS Remember there is nothing better than plonking yourself in front of an LB and having a good sort through your invent.


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