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A different View(er) FREEBIES.

Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan…everyone loves a good moan and this is as good as my jokes get this morning lol.

So the icing on the cake of my “tits up” sort of day was my fav and failsafe SL Viewer, Firestorm, FAILED! and yesterday even when I tried to do a new and clean reinstall I ended up not even being able to install it! So I’ve had to install the official SL Viewer and it’s a learning curve on how to use the interface and changing the setting and although a lot of things are the same there is enough difference to make it seem twice as time-consuming to do.

So I’m doing a cheat post.


Just before SL went “Tits up” I had gone to the RP event because there aren’t just 1 or 2 freebies but oodles and oodles of them and of course I grabbed them all but apart from a few boxes I haven’t had the time to check out the lot BUT and this might surprise you the first few boxes I opened contained jewelry and hair pieces which are KEEPERS! Some really lovely pieces but there does seem to be a real mix of items.  I’m hoping, later on, today to get back inworld to sit and work through the pile and also get some practice in with this new viewer, but I might just try to reinstall Firestorm again.

The LM takes you to the middle of this event and at all 4 corners are Christmas tree’s and under each of them are different gifts so make sure to visit all 4 corners.

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