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Immortal Words? (Freebies, Hunts, Dollarbies, 10Lds,Christmas Market).

Last night I was saying to my OH that it’s been such a busy week and I am going away this weekend to tomorrow, now today, I was going to take it easy, get up late, lay a breakfast out good enough to be “pinned” on Pinterest.  Snuggle on my chair with throws, kitties and a mug of coffee, surfing away at my leisure and all done in my Jim Jams….and then reality BITES and it’s now almost 1 o’clock and yes I’m still in my Jim Jams but that’s as relaxing as it’s been so far.


Even the Reindeer seems to be smirking at me!

OK, the reason for this one and only pictures is because a couple of days ago I popped over to The Artist Shed as I know there is a couple of hunts going on there at this moment so I went inside and did a bit of hunting around and once I’d found a few of the hunt items  I went back outside because there is a Christmas market on right there.  On each stall seems to be something priced at just 10Lds and I did spot a couple of gifts as well.

There is also another hunt going on outside and what you’re looking for is the snowballs you can see in this picture.  Each snowball costs 2Lds and so far I’ve only picked up 2 of them.  I’ve not had a chance to open anything I’ve picked up so far and I’ve already lined up the next hunt I want to do lol.

So basically in this one area you can find hunt’s,  bargains freebies and as a really nice touch there are piles of snowballs and if you click on these you get a snowball to wear and when you go into mouse mode and click your target you splatter your victim with a snowball.  One of the best snowball throwers I’ve tried out and you can even send a copy to your friend for a fair fight, or just ambush them.  There is even staged snowball walls for you to have a fight on the sim.  A lovely way to spend some time in SL for sure.

The Artist Shed, Hunts & Christmas Market