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Good Morning Monday, or NOT! (Freebies).

Fluckty, fluck, fluck I’ve slashed not just 1 finger but 2 of them on DIFFERENT HANDS!  What’s even worst is that the worse one is only about 1cm long so I’m going to get ZERO sympathy because it looks like nothing but it’s right on the finger tip and almost down to the bone! Yes, picture that in your mind.

Found some great freebies to cheer me and my SL home up.


This is such an interesting shop and it seemed just daft to take it all of the gifts set out just to rezz it in my home only to end up packing it away because it’s still very much a work in progress so I just zoomed back and took a snap.

Ok, it seems like this was the one and only picture I took so let me waffle on as to what’s there.  Sofa, 2 colour menu, square poufs and a round pouf, stool, bench, basket of logs and maybe even more because at this moment I can’t think but what I know is that everything comes with his n her poses and they all seem to have different sets of poses and they’re good.  I’m using a rather nice curled up pose at the moment.  Top quality shop products in great textures and all for FREE.

I had a bit of time to spare and took a wander around.  Oddly enough apart from these freebies I actually don’t own anything else from Revival which was a big surprise as I recognise many pieces from here that I had spotted at events and always meant to come back at a later date to treat myself but never got around to it.  Lots of “industrial” style furniture but not hardcore industrial, there is a fabric draped chandelier set which is calling my name.  So even if “industrial” isn’t your style still check out the shop as there are some lovely pieces here.